How have you turned a dream into a reality?


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    I made it because of working hard tso it will bwcame tru do you get me?

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    answer and Explanation:

    Big dreams can be incredibly inspiring, but until you take action they are little more than dreams. In turning your dreams into reality, first you must believe in yourself and in what you are capable of doing. Second you must take action because dreaming without doing is nothing. Little by little while exerting efforts and hardworks you can achieve your goals. It is also important to have Faith in God because with God nothing is impossible. Our destiny is in our hands therefore if we want to achieve it then we will, with courage and action.

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    I will turn my dreams into reality by believing in God, by striving and being determined to the thing I want to get and to the dreams I have. I will do my best to achieve my dreams and I'm starting it by studying hard.

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How have you turned a dream into a reality?...