Ano ang kahalagahanh naiambag ng mesopotamea


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    Values are sets of human behavior developed through constant mannerism. This is the set of personal rules that a person live by all his life. This is also the reason how a person creates his or her small community based on common ideals and values.

    But there is a special feeling towards persons with special needs and those belonging to the marginalized sectors. People who have at least tried once in their lives how it is to be in that kind of situation, being in need at the very least.

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    Para may pambili ng kailangan Para may pambayad sa mga gastusinPara may pambili ng aking mga gustoPara hindi na kailangan mangutang pa
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    curfew hours


    upang siguradin ANG kanilang kaligtasan para Di mapahamak at masigurado pagsait Ng 10 or 9 Ng Gabi dapat sila ay nasa kaniya kaniyang bahay na

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Ano ang kahalagahanh naiambag ng mesopotamea...