Discuss how being a filipino affects your "self"

how can becoming a filipino influence your duty as becoming a better version of yourself?


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    Before we can come to a conclusion about what it means to be the best version of ourselves, we need an idea about what our “selves” are –what it means to be a person; then can we determine how best to go about it.


    Every human being is completely unique. Your exact history, experience and perspective, along with your interests, skills and physical makeup, are like no one else’s. We, as human beings, are unique individuals and we must remain mindful of that fact as we live our lives. Your life is yours; my life is mine; and so on for each individual

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    answer:if your a Filipino kid. You should listen to the teacher instead playing game sin few hours. To become a better Filipino. You must work. No swearing. No smocking. Ask them nicely and say "po"

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    a good Filipino can influence other people who want or want to be a very good Filipino because a Filipino will love and value their word and it will not be ashamed.

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    Just be Yourself


    Be yourself and show them that you love our country by convincing and influencing them.

    Show them that our country is better if we are uniting

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    Limit judging and discriminating other people so that us, peenoise won’t get bash by other country
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    here is your answer thankyou

    Discuss how being a Filipino affects your self.how can becoming a better Filipino influence your d
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Discuss how being a filipino affects your "self" how can becoming a filipino influence your duty as...