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    yawa ka


    kanina kapa sa notf ko

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    Thank you sa points


    brainliest po please need ko lang sa ace

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    Upang malaman natin kung anong nutrisyon ang ating nakukuha sa ating mga kinakaim
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    A person being baptized in the Catholic Church is expected to dress in white to symbolize purity of faith and the cleansing power of Baptism. The white garment symbolizes the white garments Jesus wore when he was placed in the tomb after his death on Good Friday. An infant may wear a baptismal gown handed down for generations; an adult typically puts on a full-length white gown known as an alb.

    The baptism ritual is a participatory one, with all attendees rejecting Satan and professing their faith, with parents and of an infant and the godparents and immediate family members of the person being baptized being a bit more involved.

    Like the Sacrament of Confirmation and the Sacrament of Holy Orders, as a Catholic, you’re baptized just once. These three sacraments confer an indelible mark on your soul. No one can ever be un-baptized or re-baptized.


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