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How can we upgrade our economy given the strength of the global economy especially the giant economies like the united states and japan?


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    We can upgrade our economy by behaving ourselves and being a good example to others so that they can see how we have improved over the past years


    be humble

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    to study hard and focus on how we will aim, pursue and fulfill our dreams and goals. every student needs to succeed in order to be asset in upgrading our economy, because being undergraduate and jobless means you're not paying tax, and not paying tax means you're a hindrance in the success of achieving the upgrade in economy, you will be a burden in the strength of the global economy.

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    How can we upgrade our economy given the strength of the global economy, especially the giant economies like the united States and japan?


    We can surely upgrade our economy by emulating the style of united states and Japan. There are many ways to be like them, we can do what they are doing with their economy like manufacturing, technologies, agriculture, railroads, and above all is the permanent elimination of corruption. Long before, we were number one in terms of natural resources, we were rich in everything and our economy was good compared to other countries. After a long period of time, our natural resources had slowly gone due to man's abusive act, many leaders had tried to lead our country but failed to lift our economy up back to normal. There were leaders who were good but were not able to do their tasks because they were not supported by other government officials. Until such time, our economy had dropped, prices of commodities were high, inflation rate was high until this time we are not able to recover and we are now left behind by other poor countries before.

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    mag aral ka nang mabuti

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    Some ways to upgrade the global economy are: Promote economic growth through innovation.Strategic immigration reform.End the war on drugs.Require unemployed workers to volunteer.Cut health care costs. Remove unnecessary and unclear laws.

    The United States and Japan are the two largest national economies in the world. The United States is the world's largest deficit and debtor country. Japan is the world's largest surplus and creditor country. The exchange rate between the dollar and yen has fluctuated violently, strengthening from 360:1 as recently as 1971 to 80:1 In early 1995 before weakening again to about 130:1 at present. Trade frictions over the past thirty years, leading to such extreme measures as America's import surcharge in 1971 and Japan's acceptance of "voluntary export restraints" in a wide range of industries in the 1980s, have threatened the stability of the global trading system. Hence the course of economic relations between the United States and Japan plays a critical role in the world economy as well as a central role in overall relations between the two countries.

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How can we upgrade our economy given the strength of the global economy especially the giant economi...