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  • it is a prose composition whichresembles conversat...

it is a prose composition which
resembles conversation.​


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    1.) "whale's way" a 'kenning' is a roundabout figure of speech, a circumlocution usually constructed of two alliterated words (see rules) in order to provide a disguised meaning while conforming to the poetic form. although used to make sagas such as beowulf more eloquent, it is most seen in riddles where the intent is to disguise the meaning.

    kennings take the form of a genitive phrase, eg. hronrade, literally 'whale's riding' (but generally translated as 'whale's road' or alliteratively 'whale's way'), meaning the sea. in anglo-saxon, most kennings are simple in form however complex kennings sometimes occur, when a new kenning is built on another kenning which is usually well known.

    2.) "the swan road" continues in the spirit of " autumn aurora " with the band’s trademark slavonic pagan metal sound, which embraces epic folk-influenced melodies and creates cinematic and luxuriant atmospheres charged with melancholy. lyrically drudkh’s creative figurehead roman saenko draws heavily from the poem "the haidamakas" of taras shevchenko (1814-1861), a humanist, painter and the founding father of ukrainian literature.

    3.) "wave floater" an employee who is reassigned from job to job or shift to shift within an operation.n. one who votes illegally in different polling places.n. an insurance policy that protects movable property in transit or regularly subject to use in varying places.n. slang a corpse found floating in a body of water.n.
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    polluted water, i know a river who is dirty it is pasig river but i dont know anything about different sea

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    Romeo is a young man from the montague house and juliet is a young lady capulet. the families of the two are in a  conflict, both houses engaged in a street brawl
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it is a prose composition whichresembles conversation.​...