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Introduction body and conclusion about teen age pregnancy? ​


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    if there were no intellect there would be no will.  

    if you don't know anything you will not have a goal to achieve  

    no one would anything without knowing a tthis has something to do with thinking and acting. "intellect" is associated with thinking and "will" is with acting. if you don't think, you'll not be able to act for something. through our ideas we're able to create great things and give solutions to the necessities this world have. scientists and inventors are good examples of this. just imagine how people would be able to survive with their constantly changing needs if no one has to think of it. with that comes the will.. the will to act upon what they think.

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    B)quoting wla namang binago iba ung quoting ang paraphrase binabago
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    11.  c. qualitative
    13.  a. motivate your reader to learn more about the subject
    15.  a. it is written in second hand person voice.
    16.  e. statement of the problem
    18.  d. researcher’s involvement
    19.  a. major problem
    20.  a. how did election start according to philippine history?
    21.  b. subject selection based on locality
    22.  c. study of a bounded entity
    23.  d. qualitative
    24.  d. falsification of documents
    25. d. critical readers become curious analysts.

    sorry hindi ko ala yung iba dyan eh
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    Descriptive and limiting adjectives worksheets
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Introduction body and conclusion about teen age pregnancy? ​...