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2. why did the boy disappear at the end of the story flicker fade gone?


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    1. nonplussed

    filled with bewilderment

    if it looks like there's a negative at the beginning of this word, it's because etymologically speaking, there is—it's from latin non plus, "no more, no further." still, there is no word plussed, and that can get confusing.

    2. inchoate

    only partly in existence; imperfectly formed

    it may look like the in- at the start of this word would be the same as the one at the start of words like incomplete or inadequate. although that may be a good way to remember it, the first letters of this word are not a negative. the word comes from latin inchoare, which meant "to begin." inchoate things are often just beginning.

    3. and 4. cachet and panache

    an indication of approved or superior status;

    distinctive and stylish elegance

    shades of meaning between cachet and panache are often confused. cachet is more about prestige, and panache is more about style. having high tea at buckingham palace can have a lot of cachet in your social circle, but the genteel way you sip your tea can have a lot of panache.

    5. indefatigable

    showing sustained enthusiastic action with unflagging vitality

    in latin, it was possible to defatigare or "to tire out," but only the negative version prefixed with in- survived the journey into english (via french). indefatigable is a word you almost have to say quickly, and if you get through all those syllables, it's almost as if you've proven the definition: it takes "unflagging vitality" to reach the end.

    6. uncanny

    surpassing the ordinary or normal

    the word canny is rare but not unknown as a word that means "cunning" or "sly." the only problem is that that's not the meaning of canny contained in uncanny. canny used to mean "knowing and careful," and therefore uncanny meant "mischievous," coming to refer to supernatural spirits who toyed with mortals. comic book fans have a huge head start with this word, having grown up with the "uncanny x-men," who all have supernatural powers.

    7. unabashed

    not embarrassed

    this word is one where the positive version did exist but has fallen out of use. abash meant "perplex, embarrass, lose one's composure" in the late 14th and early 15th centuries, so unabashed means "not embarrassed."

    8. dilatory

    wasting time

    this word is confusing because it sounds like it's potentially related to words like dilate or even depilatory. it's not related to either of those words, but luckily there are ways to remember what dilatory actually means—the word almost sounds like delay or dilly dally, both of which relate to the word's definition.

    9. martinet

    someone who demands exact conformity to rules and forms

    this word looks and sounds like marionette, the stringed puppet, which is a pitfall to avoid, because it can lead you to believe that martinet means the exact opposite of what it actually means. a martinet has some power, and no one is pulling their strings.

    10. hoi polloi

    the common people generally

    this is confusing because it's an obscure word for the common folk, and sometimes it's hard to keep straight whether the upper or lower crust is being discussed. hoi polloi literally means "the many," with polloi being the plural of the well-known greek prefix poly.

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    melon halves.

    they are sweet but can be made savory with a little salt.(and can i just say yum! ) they can be eaten in many ways with many different foods. they can be eaten with other fruits. you can eat a tart fruit with a sweeter fruit, to balance each other out. they can be made into something. for example watermelon, that can be made into watermelon salsa. the list can go on for miles. these are just a few. also don't know what kind of question this judging just confused.

    hope this helps. have a wonderful day.

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    1.his greatest strength is playing lyre and his weakness islove
    2.charm,he charm the cerberus and the boatman
    3.because of his weakness and that is love
    4.because he not trusted hade the god of underworld
    5.i dont know
    6.because gods want to test orpheus
    7.because this is all about god
    8.because his playing lyre can charm anyone
    9.by helping them to become true there wishes
    10.yes,because sometimes it myth the old mythological greek stories
    11.the strenght can transform into weakness and weakness can be transform to strength

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