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What do you think are the significant ingredients of a life worth living? ​


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    1. Maria
    2. They
    3. He
    4. They
    5. She
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    1.Development of sexuality starts as early as in intrauterine life following conception and continues through infancy, childhood, adolescence, adulthood till death




    Sana maka tulong

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    Because when you grow up into a Matured Adult, you can't do all the things you did in your teenage life. That's why people said enjoy your High School/Teenage Life because you can't do it anymore in the future

    (I hope this helps)

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    Yes, of course, life is worth living more, because u have only one life to do everything u want, and u can’t spill over your desires and wishes to a subsequent life. Just as they say ‘Live life like there is no tomorrow’, live your life fully, as this is the only life granted to u, there is no more life or lives after death. Once u die, that is the end. There is no such thing as good or bad. Just achieve your dreams and desires, u may not get a second chance. Of course, don’t tread on other’s foot, or hurt others’ sentiments. U may have to pay for it, in this life.

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    God designed humans to be social beings, hence the saying "No man is an island". You will literally go insane without any kind of interaction to any other person. Seeing their eyes, how they smile, how they look, and how they respond to you when having a conversation. It's all the little things that makes us sane and human.

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    Personal happiness and daily success. Teens are at the height of learning and growing into role as young adults. Being able to experience comming into your own makes you feel alive and encourages you to keep putting one foot in front of the other and on to the next goal to see how you grow.

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    Because you had achieved the very goal you had been longing for, and through your lifetime you went through struggles and circumstances but succeeded. Your journey towards achieving these goals give you a purpose in life, because it is accomplished you had a life worth living.

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    yes,becouse the reason why YOU are alive is becouse you have to be an EXAMPLE from the Lord,please stay safe and do not ask innapropriate questions. But this is a reasonable question,BTW im 10

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    Yes,Because our Life is from God

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What do you think are the significant ingredients of a life worth living? ​...