Story of the man who did not wish to die


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    becuse he commited suicide.

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    Long, long ago there lived a man called Sentaro. His surname meant “Millionaire,” but although he was not so rich as all that, he was still very far removed from being poor. He had inherited a small fortune from his father and lived on this, spending his time carelessly, without any serious thoughts of work, till he was about thirty-two years of age.

    One day, without any reason whatsoever, the thought of death and sickness came to him. The idea of falling ill or dying made him very wretched.

    “I should like to live,” he said to himself, “till I am five or six hundred years old at least, free from all sickness. The ordinary span of a man’s life is very short.”

    He wondered whether it were possible, by living simply and frugally henceforth, to prolong his life as long as he wished.

    He knew there were many stories in ancient history of emperors who had lived a thousand years, and there was a Princess of Yamato, who, it was said, lived to the age of five hundred. This was the latest story of a very long life record.

    Sentaro had often heard the tale of the Chinese King named Shin-no-Shiko. He was one of the most able and powerful rulers in Chinese history. He built all the large palaces, and also the famous great wall of China. He had everything in the world he could wish for, but in spite of all his happiness and the luxury and the splendor of his Court, the wisdom of his councilors and the glory of his reign, he was miserable because he knew that one day he must die and leave it all.

    When Shin-no-Shiko went to bed at night, when he rose in the morning, as he went through his day, the thought of death was always with him. He could not get away from it. Ah—if only he could find the “Elixir of Life,” he would be happy.

    The Emperor at last called a meeting of his courtiers and asked them all if they could not find for him the “Elixir of Life” of which he had so often read and heard.

    One old courtier, Jofuku by name, said that far away across the seas there was a country called Horaizan, and that certain hermits lived there who possessed the secret of the “Elixir of Life.” Whoever drank of this wonderful draught lived forever.

    The Emperor ordered Jofuku to set out for the land of Horaizan, to find the hermits, and to bring him back a phial of the magic elixir. He gave Jofuku one of his best junks, fitted it out for him, and loaded it with great quantities of treasures and precious stones for Jofuku to take as presents to the hermits.

    - To be Continued

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    We fear of death like life is just a one-chance game. You only have one token to live and if you lose, its entirely over. You won't be given any chances to restart after losing the game. Like in the story, Sentaro, having a well-off life, has a desire to live longer for hundreds of years without sickness, in fear of death. After hearing the tale of the Chinese ruler and Jofuku searching the elixir of life, Sentaro was given a chance to live in a country of perpetual life, where death never comes. However, being three hundred years later, made him grown tired of living. Attempting to go back in his homeland, death is already infront of his face, yet he is still afraid of it.

    Since we all expect that health is one of the factors in living longer, so we must bring life to the fullest while health is not yet a hindrance for us in living.

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