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What is the meaning of the a-bi in english subject​


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    We present a machine translation (MT) system which translates an English sentence into a Bangla sentence of equivalent meaning. ... A bi- lingual dictionary provides the morphological properties and contextual information of the English words with their corresponding Bangla meaning.

    Paiksiin mo nalang hehe

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    Romeo and juliet


    tybalt   - juliet’s maternal cousinmercutio   - romeo’s best friend and party animal extraordinairefulgencio capulet   - patriarch of the capulet familygloria capulet   - juliet’s mother and fulgencio capulet’s wifeted montague   - head of the montague clancaroline montague   - ted montague’s wife and mother to romeofather lawrence   - father lawrence is a kindhearted franciscan priest and friend to romeo and julietthe nurse   - juliet’s nursedave paris   - dave paris is the son of the governor in the film and bachelor of the year and the preferred choice of suitor for julietbenvolio montague   - ted montague’s nephew and romeo’s cousin and good-natured friendcaptain prince   - captain prince is the police chief of verona beach; his main duty is to maintain the peace balthasar montague   - balthasar is cast in the film as romeo’s cousin rather than dedicated servant like in the play sampson and gregory montague   - two characters cast in the film as members of the montague family rather than servants of the house of capuletabraham “abra” capulet   - one of the brawlers who get into a gunfight with sampson and gregory montague in the first scene of the film the apothecary   - a shabby, unkempt manrosaline   - rosaline never appears on-screen
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    ang isang kilalang search engine na laging ginagamit ay google

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What is the meaning of the a-bi in english subject​...

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