Why do you think have different point of view?


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    because we have a different belief

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    because we are not perfect.All people have a difference.

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    I believe there are three variables that determine most of the difference between people:

    Free Will - as children, we eventually see we can choose even though we initially fight this reality, eventually we see we can decide to say Yes and No to nearly any and everything.

    Nurture - we all have a mother and father and most of us were given “life lessons” in obedience and socializing by our parents…some more than others. In that process, we learn there is a penalty for some behaviors but the variety of what we are praised or punished for is enormous from person to person, family to family.

    Nature -There is a spectrum of temperaments/personalities ranging from high risk-aversion+high agreeability to low risk-aversion+low agreeability. (I lean more to the latter) There is a full spectrum between those two extremes. We seem to be born with some of these pre-conditions and that tends to guide us a bit toward compliance of defiance. But factors 1) and 2) are still very significant.

    Together, these three combine (in complex ways, on various topics and in various situations…especially when stress arises) and make us different than the other person

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    Because, if you truly believe in GOD you dont need to see if you belief is different from others, you faith is enough thats all it matters

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Why do you think have different point of view?...