What is the conflict of the lottery​


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    The main conflict in Shirley Jackson's most famous short story, "The Lottery", is Man vs. Society. She is criticizing tradition and how people are stuck in their ways even if it isn't right. (Questions of morals usually equal man vs. society) also the little village was discussing how other towns have stopped doing the lottery. Though it may seem like it is Society vs Society, that is not a type of conflict. You have to think of village as a whole or as one thing. then you will see that society is against them because society is questioning their morals.

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    The conflict was that it was rigged up haha
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    The central conflict in “The Lottery” is the external conflict of person vs. society, because it is the traditions of the village that cause Tessie Hutchinson to be killed, and one other person a year before her
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What is the conflict of the lottery​...