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1-2 identify from the statement the best example of unsupported generalization and exaggeration


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    1. the love at first sight,
    2. they love each other
    3. they died both
    4. her father was a sequel on their love story
    5. romeo always climb the palace to see Juliet
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    Men are stronger than women... thats an example.

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    Hi hope this helps.

    China is greater than the Philippines.
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    It depends on the statements


    Logical fallacies are errors in reasoning that undermines the logic behind your arguments making your position weaker. There are many types of fallacies but we will focus on two:


    Unsupported generalization occurs when you come up to a conclusion but with incomplete or no data. For example, you say that "All girls in this school have fair skin." just because you saw three with fair complexion. The sample size was not enough to support your assertion. Another example is this:  Someone failed English II. I will also the subject. This argument is not based on anything statistically significant.

    On the other hand, exaggeration is the use of additional causative agents into the mix when it is not needed.  An example is when you say:  "I studied hard for the exam. I passed. Rene also studied hard.. Both of us have a special pen that allowed us to pass." Granted, studying hard will indeed increase your chances of passing, but a special, magic pen? No. re

    There are also other types of logical fallacies which you may want to read up on as well so that you can avoid them.

    Personal Attacks or Ad Hominem - this is the most common fallacy. If we cannot win the argument, we make the attack personalPost HocFalse AnalogySlippery slope

    For more information:

    Logical Fallacies:

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1-2 identify from the statement the best example of unsupported generalization and exaggeration...