What is the moral lesson of a tale of marinduque


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    Be Kind to animals. yan yung sagot sa quiz bee namin eh hahaha.
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    Do not take advantage of people emotion
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    Don't judge a book by its cover
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    Moral lesson of Tolits Tales of Love in the Sea

    A story of hope and friendship between to different worlds is what you will see in the indie film "Tolits" The Tales of Love in the Sea. The story begins with the mysterious arrival of whale sharks in Oslob, Cebu and it was also the time when Dina was giving birth to Tolits. 13 years later, there was a fishing town in Oslob that served as a sanctuary to a group of one of the largest fish in the world, the whale sharks. The whale-sharks were locally known as Butanding and they visit the waters of Oslob everyday from 6 in the morning until noon time. The moral lesson of the movie tackles the relationship of family, poverty and faith in God. It also shows the true value and essence of education for less fortunate.

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    The moral lesson is to be kind to animals.
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    The moral lesson of the story is to not take advantage of people's emotions or feelings. The story also reflects value to family and ancestry as the tiger passed the obligation of respect and love towards the grandmother to her cubs. Although the wood cutter only intends to save himself from danger, the incident has revealed how family members stay connected even after death.
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    The tale of Ch'un hyang tells us to wait patiently for the one we love. just like what Ch'un Hyang  do. she waits Yi Mong Yong and promise to stay faithful to him and wait for his comeback. 
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