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Are you able to perform science experiment with the of easily available material


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    Back in 2014, when i was in grade 7 or 1st year of high school, i was very comedic, often producing laughter in class by just saying simple jokes. but one faithful day, when we were dismissed, i was talking to my friend james, as we were walking forward he told me a stupid but funny pun, i laughed so hard i gave him a strong pat on the back, but it turns out the person i patted wasn't james, as he was behind me, it was a random person, i will mark it as one of the most embarassing moments in my life.
    the most memorable moment in my life?
    way back in 2013, it was almost the end of the school year, only the recognition day remains. i was valedictorian with a general average of 95.92, the salutatorian was given his medal when i was called. as i went up the stage, i knew it was time for my speech, i talked about how my family and friends supported me throughout the course of my educational life, how they've been there for me when times go wrong, i thanked them for that. when i was given my medal, a grin came onto my face as i faced the cameramen for my pictures, i knew it was a honorable and memorable experience, and i will truly cherish that wonderful memory of graduation.
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    Um I really don’t know but I want to help you so.. here’s advice use google
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    While Inferno can be read as a straightforward story about Dante's journey through Hell, it is also a big, long allegory for man's descent into sin. Dante represents everyone. He loses the path of salvation in a shadowy world of sin.



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Are you able to perform science experiment with the of easily available material...