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Even as a young boy, eddie already had the instincts of a hunter.
what is it literal or figurative?


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    1. V

    2. X

    3. V

    4. X

    5. V

    6. X

    7. V

    8. V

    9. X

    10. X

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    L literal for me because it has verification on letter

  • Réponse publiée par: cleik

    Literal..doesn't have idiomatic part

  • Réponse publiée par: enrica11

    The answer is L. The statement provided only a literal meaning that Eddie wanted to be a hunter and his instincts of being hunter in the future is because it is his interest as a child.

    As a child grows, he will extract his skills and will learn something new. We can never expect the same instinct to be his only one dream when he grow up. However, because a child can make his dream as his forever, he may hold into this and live for this to make his dream come true.

    How true that this will become his present in the future? Here's how:

    The parent can guide his child to his pathwayReligious and Academic studies will give him light to choose his final to beHis experiences and surroundings can affect his emotional and psychical strength, weakness as well as his potentials.In some paths that Eddie will go though maturity, is hunting can be the most important to him especially when he will faces success or failures?


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    I think literal because if its a figurative language it should contain one of the followings:
    Simile, hyperbole, metaphor, personification, cliches, idioms,onomatopoeia, and alliteration (assonance or consonance)
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    Has no hidden meaningHis hate is so fierce that we can compare it to a beastNo hidden meaningIt's his eyes.HunterThorn on his sideHe thought she's giving him the "signal"Stabbed the eyeSimileI caught and fed
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Even as a young boy, eddie already had the instincts of a hunter. what is it literal or figurative?...