The loudness or softness of a sound. select one: a. fluency b. pitch c. rhythm d. enunciation e. volume


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    For punishment is not for the people who are fool but for the people who has bad intentions it's not their fault if they are fool. for me punishment is not for the fool because who can ever think that maybe they hate their selves for being fool right? ? we just don't know everything so maybe it's really not for them. if they could have punishment maybe the world is just not fair at all.
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    cause if musicals don't harry than its not to good

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    I'd like or i'd rather have the red,please. hope this helps
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    1) keesh

    keesh was a thirteen-year-old boy who lived at the north pole a long time ago. his father died of sruggling with a bear in order to keep the people in the village from starving. after that, keesh lived alone with his mother. one council keesh complained about unfair treatment, but other people laughed at him. therefore, he decided to hunt by himself. later on, keesh used his brain to kill many bears and divided them fairly. in the end, keesh rose to power and became the leader of his people. keesh is the major character of this story. he appears throughout the story. he is a round character, we can prove that from the beginning of the story and the ending. at the beginning he is a young boy who is innocence, but at the end of the story he becomes a brave man who is respected by the others. he is protagonist character. he has an important role and he is the central figure in the story.

    2) klosh-kwan

    klosh-kwan was the chief of the village who lived in a large igloo. in the beginning, he could not believe keesh, but he admired him later. he is a deutragonist because in the beginning of the story, he has opposed keesh but at the end he generously acknowledges what he sees. he is a round character too.
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The loudness or softness of a sound. select one: a. fluency b. pitch c. rhythm d. enunciation e. vo...