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    ishaan, a student who has dyslexia, cannot seem to get anything right at his boarding school. soon, a new unconventional art teacher, ram shankar nikumbh, him discover his hidden potential.

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    hirap naman ng quest

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    We are unique in many different ways. Some were born genius and there are some who were born normal. But there are some people in a certain sector of our society. They are called the special ones. We judge them for what we can only see but in reality the truth is hidden in their smiles. We shut them down in their own world because we don't understand the whole picture. They are gifted, special in some ways we couldn't imagine. We just have to give our love and understanding.

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    We can find many lessons in the movie Every Child is Special.

    For Parents. Parents are the first persons to motivate and inspire their children. They must not force them to do something they can't. They should help them find their strengths to build.For teachers. Teachers are the second parents of every child. They should act like a parent who supports and understand their child. They can be a friend that a child can run to in different situations. Teachers should teach them not just only intellectually but also in different aspects of life.

    Every child is unique in their own way. Don't force them to do the things they are not able to.

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    Ishaan Awasthi
    Ram Shank Nikumbh
    Maya Awasthi
    Rajan Damodaran
    Nandkishore Awasthi 
    Yohan Awasthi
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    Moral Lesson:

    * Every child is special and has its own talents that can change the lives of others.

    * Do not judge someone for we do not have the rights to judge others.

    * We must be patient in all things.

    * Good things will come at the right time and at the right place.

    * Everything happens for a reason.

    * Never give up.

    * Just do it.

    * It’s not about how you start, but it’s all about how you finish the race.

    * Do to others what you want other to do to you.

    * In all things that we do, we must do it with care.


    The movie was indeed great. The lighting, the sounds, and the actors are great. The plot of the story of the movie is also great. Everything is great about the movie, especially the message of the movie to the watchers. I learned so many things by just watching the movie. It teaches us to not judge others quickly and that we should never give up. It also tells us that what matters at the end of the day is what you’ve done to improve yourself. It has so many values in it. And many children and teens can relate to the movie as well. It was really uplifting to the soul to watch those kinds of movies.
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    We have to appreciate every child. We can't compare a child to another because they are all different. They have different talents and ways to do it. We can't judge their capabilities because they themselves will only know their artistic sides.
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    WHAT IS THE MORAL LESSON OF THE MOVIE EVERY CHILD IS SPECIALIt is an Indian movie that was produced, directed and starred by Ahmir Khan. In the movie, a young boy named Ishan has a dyslexic order wherein reading is very hard to do. He was sent to a boarding school to improve his very poor academic skills and later on found out that his skills are in to arts.

    The moral of the story are as follows:

    A child has different skills and talents. One maybe good in Math and the other in art. It means that he is bright in Math and the other is bright in Arts.Encouragement is very important for every individual. Trying to tell a person that he/she is poor might not help him/her. Encouragement will fuel a person to move and go.Parents must first believe their child than anyone in this world.  
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