How can u relate to other person? ?


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    find common interests. look for similarities in personality, experiences, or values.

    listen effectively. take time to hear and understand both the words and emotional content of what the other person is saying

    develop your empathy skills

    be open to differences

    visit the person

    ask questions

    be accepting


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    w-t-f is that haha is that baby cupid

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    because di paren ako tule kagaya nya so sad :

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    As a student, we should always observe a healthy environment anywhere at all times. Being a responsible student who keeps itself clean and its sorroundings are a good habit and has a huge impact to ourself and others too. It helps to keep away viruses like the covid 19 pandemic. We can peacefully do our jobs easily without concerning about diseases. Therefire we should always keep our environment clean so that we can have a good help.


    Please give me a brainliest answer

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    Cocos 19 is related to your life because it produce sadness. It affects yourself as well to others. Even your not infected you are worried too.

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    Covid 19 is a jus a challenges in life


    Because when we have challenges in life we need to do our best to overcome in our problem. We need to keep going in our life.

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    because I love it

    yan lang sagot ko

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    Say"PLEASE" and "THANK YOU"


    because it is good to tell other people and if I did something wrong that I did not mean I will say sorry and when I am given anything I will say thank you

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How can u relate to other person? ?...