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What instances in your life do you find textual media most relevant? ​


  • Réponse publiée par: cbohol56

    There are many kinds of textual media, but the most used are multimedia, email and instant messaging. With all of that available thru just a touch of your fingers using your phone, I believe it is not just relevant in my life but everyone’s life as well.

    I can write an endless list where I find text media very important but here are my top answers.

    Email is a very useful thing on the internet as well in real life, all forms you fill out today almost always requests you to put an email. It is also used specially for job hunting, most of my interview invites as well as some of my contracts went thru my email. The primary form of communication at work is also thru email since we would want a written record of everything discussed and agreed upon.  

    Next is instant messaging thru messaging apps, it is easy and fast even if you don’t have load as long as you have an internet connection you can send an instant message. Most of the time my sister use this to send me links of places that she wants to book for my approval and I can say it is a huge help since you can easily access the pictures, reviews and ratings, basically all of the information about the place which is pretty neat.

    And the last is social media for people like me, who most of the time is busy to watch news on television. I usually browse new using social media while commuting which helps me stay informed about the latest happenings in our country.

    I can say that this is not just instances but almost my whole day, everyday, is dependent on textual media.  

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What instances in your life do you find textual media most relevant? ​...