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Theme of the story "flowers in the crypt"
by catherina garcia dario


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    The theme of Flowers in the Crypt is forgiveness.


    As mentioned and seen in the story, the protagonist felt some kind of resentment towards his grandfather because of his love affair with another woman, named Remedios. But, as the story went on, we can see the protagonist's character development--how she came to understand Remedios's side by putting herself in her shoes.

    As she saw the humble bouquet of baby's breath hanging on the knob of his grandpa's crypt, she began to realize how hard and tough it must have been for Remedios for going through all those pain and mourning alone. She could have just pulled and torn the flower, pictures and letters of Remedios but she only thought of his grandfather. There, she perceived that it was not because his grandfather did not know how to love; but it was that because he loved too much. After pondering about these things, she joined her family and prayed for her grandpa, signifying how she forgave him.

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Theme of the story "flowers in the crypt" by catherina garcia dario...