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Harmonizing relationship with others using facts, policy and value


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    It's advantage. Is when you get closer relationships to your neighborhood. Wherein you can find help in times of needs. This is also an acountability in avoiding peer pressure. Because you found yourselves comfortable in each other. Moreover, when you tried to have a bigger scale of friends, you are also expanding your internal territories. It's the territory inside our hearts that is harmonic and connected to the person we are giving importance.

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    These are the questions about harmonizing relationship with others:

    1. Why is it significant to have a harmonized relationship with others?

    2. What are the ways to have a harmonized relationship with others?

    3. How do we build a harmonized relationship with others?

    4. Is trust issue a big factor in having a harmonized relationship towards others?

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    Argumentative Essay

    An Argumentative Essay introduces strong claims together with back-up facts to further prove a certain point that you as a writer need to accomplish. It is important to first know your side, the affirming or the negating part of an argument. It’s not always good to put all eggs in one basket, it is also better for you to not only understand your side but also the other one.

    Example of an Argumentative Essay:

    Harmonizing Relationship with others

    “When you stop expecting people to be perfect, you can like them for who they are” a statement by Donald Miller. The main of interaction with other people is to both gain something at the end of a conversation. We talk to people, we discuss our interest, we refute when it is against our values and beliefs. But at the end of the day that same person you shared good words with and the same person you shared bad words with will remember you.

    Harmonizing relationships in common understanding means:

    Connecting to people Understanding their point of view Taking into consideration their own opinion

    When do we even know if we really harmonize ourselves with them? Do we ask them? No, we don’t and that is where our intellect and ability to comprehend or read atmospheres. In harmonizing relationships with others we gain a friend, an ally, we gain a benefit for the long future ahead of us. We interact and so we not only help others relieve their loneliness but also ours, a double win.

    But what if that same technique-harmonizing relationships with others puts a different effect on us? What if we stray from our true self just to fill in the gaps to achieve perfect harmony with those people? Not only that it is highly possible it can already be happening to us in present time.  

    Cons of Harmonizing relationships with others:

    We lose our true self We mostly consider others before ourselves We lose self-prioritization  

    Valuing people comes great advantages and going over the top for someone except your family is something unnecessary. Though, we are people we do what we want and can do it is still up to us after all this to either disregard the first part and pursue the second part or vice versa.

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    By harmonizing your relationship or bond with others, you must adapt/cope with them. You also have to adjust for yourself to fir them. By doing this, you might live a better life. Not only depending on yourself but also trusting others to help and support you.
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    Question of policy about harmonizing relationship with other
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    This may be our stepping stone to expand our horizon to others.
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    We should always be kind to our friends by doing that it increases the trust that you and your friend has. We should always entertain them when they need us and also help them in their problems.
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    Yes because when you love someone you won't hurt them and then that's when harmonize relationships comes from
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    Yes because,when you harmonize relationship with others there will be peace in everyone,no one will be hurt so much anymore.
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