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Ang pagbabahagi ng pari ng salita ng diyos sa misa ay pinagninilayan ng mga taong nagsisimba.
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  • Réponse publiée par: axelamat70

    if the ocean dried up i think marine life will be in pure danger

  • Réponse publiée par: nelspas422
    After the first fight that grendel lost against beowulf, beowulf takes grendel's claw (or arm? not sure) leaving him wounded, but then on the fight with grendel's mother, beowulf kills grendel along with his mother with an extraordinary sword. not to forget, beowulf takes grendel's head with him.
  • Réponse publiée par: kateclaire
    Household chores are obligations or tasks such as cleaning, washing, ironing, etc. that have to be done regularly at home.

    sentence using household chores:
    [i'm not sure on what you meant but i'll give you two examples]

    1. before going to school, i always clean my room, wash the dishes and prepare my things to lighten up my parent's work.

    2. i occasionally do my household chores since i am always busy with school work and i don't have that much free time to do them.
  • Réponse publiée par: homersoncanceranguiu
    Life of pi reaction paper

    having quite recently encountered the sinking of his family's ship, and being put onto a raft with just a hyena, pi felt totally lost and alone. when he sees richard parker, the bengal tiger from his family's zoo, it is a well-known face to him. his underlying response is to spare the life of his well-known companion with the goal that he may have a partner, and a defender on board the raft. all of a sudden pi acknowledges exactly what he is doing. he is sparing the life of richard parker, by inviting him, a 450 pound bengal tiger, onto the little raft. he encounters a difference in heart when helping the tiger onto the pontoon. pi understands that he is currently representing a danger all alone life. with richard parker on the pontoon, pi is looked with not just the battle to survive stranded amidst the pacific ocean, yet the battle to survive living with a meat eating tiger. the difference in heart that pi encounters may perhaps imply that he is an imprudent mastermind. it might imply that he frequently accomplishes something on drive without supposing it through, and after that later laments his activities. 
    how does pi keep up his religious convictions while on the watercraft?  
    pi keeps up his religious convictions while on the raft through his every day supplications. he approaches time every day to state the supplications that he generally would state. in one case, he turns where he trusts mecca is found, and asks his conventional supplications towards mecca. pi additionally frequently expresses that he will incorporate particular creatures in his supplications, for example, the zebra on board his raft, and the principal angle that he at any point murdered. with pi keeping his custom supplications going, it helped him to survive. he could to some degree keep up the religious way of life he had before the sinking of the tsimtsum. we additionally discover him making numerous religious affiliations all through his excursion. he made correlations between that of orange juice, the orangutan, and the virgin mary, and would likewise frequently raise jesus on the cross. genuinely, pi's religous confidence stayed solid all through his adventure on the pacific ocean.
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