With the crown ofsnow there cometh a wwisdom


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    1. unremarkable ideas or at least ideas that aren't good.
    2. i have no idea
    3. i also don't know
    4. pilgrimage is like an adventure set out to find your spiritual significance, it can also be metaphorical.
    5. this is an adjective, it means breathtaking, exciting, or elevating.
    6. can be used as a term for infinite.
    7.    a stack of stones made by humans
    8.  i'm not sure but i think that it's like the positive effects after a battle.
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    The central  conflict  in “the  lottery” is the external  conflict  of person vs. society, because it is the traditions of the village that cause tessie hutchinson to be killed, and one other person a year before her. no one knows the original purpose of the  lottery.
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    His love and care for the humans against the evil frost giants who will bring harm to them.
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    It's because the soul of the girl was in the bell.
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With the crown ofsnow there cometh a wwisdom...