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Give the synonyms of keelson, shingles, rafters, crag and lath


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    uso google


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    hello folks, my name is i am years old and i'm in the class. i am here today, running for class president. i think that i would fit nicely into this spot because i am outgoing, cheerful, and always try to look on the bright side of things. i believe that with all of these traits, i can promote and improve this class. to do this, i will always look out for others by devoting time to their needs. i promise to give detention to those who misbehave, but also give rewards to those who don't. i won't be disappointed in those who make mistakes, but instead, teach them the right and smart thing to do. i am confident that by being class president, i can make our class a happier place. after i am elected, this class will be remembered as tenacious, brave, orderly, and smart. after all a bright class, is the right class. in order to succeed, i need your allegiance and support, for me as class president, thank you.

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    My tip is..respect other and love them so that they can return your respect and love that you gave them..
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Give the synonyms of keelson, shingles, rafters, crag and lath...