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What is the internal conflict in the story the centipede? you! ​


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    Its external conflict,Man vs Man

    Theres nothing in Internal Conflict

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    the conflict of "how odin lost his eye"   is when he  chose to gave away his brother hoenir as a hostage to the people of vanir in exchange for the lord of the sea, the wind and the twins.   he gave away his brother   togeher with mimer  in order to show his  sincerity and end the fight with the vanir  , the wise. his brother was proclaimed the chief ruler of vanir and was always coached by mimer of what to answer but later on, hoenir has been answering stupidly to the people of vanir and angered them causing them to think that they were tricked by odin. 


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    Yan lang po na isip ko

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    Internal Conflict in the Story of Icarus

    The story of Icarus is about an inventor named Daedalus and his son, Icarus. They were both imprisoned due to King Minos' greed over Daedalus' crafts. Consequently, one internal conflict in the story of Icarus is when Daedalus already settled on being caved for the rest of his life without thinking about the future of his son, Icarus. When Icarus was growing up, he would complain to his father about not having able to experience life outside the cave where they are held captive for years.

    In addition, another internal conflict of the story is when Daedalus began pondering on the life of his son and if growing up locked away in a cave is the best thing for Icarus. Icarus, on the other hand, was also having an internal conflict on his own - having locked up in a cage and wanting to have a life of his own even if he enjoys helping his father.

    Events After Realizing the Internal Conflict in the Story of IcarusDaedalus decided to give Icarus the freedom that he deserves.He made mechanical wings resembling those of birds'. One pair for each one of them.Daedalus instructed his son about what to do and what not to do when flying.When they finally escaped the cave by means of flying, Icarus flew in his own way.Icarus disobeyed his father and flew closer to the sun which burned the wax that is holding his wings.His wings were dismantled and Icarus flopped to the ocean below.

    Read about the moral lesson from the Story of Icarus here:

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    Internal Disease of the centipede.
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What is the internal conflict in the story the centipede? you! ​...