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    high blood pressure

    high cholesterol


    family history of cad


    being overweight

    talk to your doctor if you have one or more of these risk factors.

    you can prevent cad with medications and by maintaining good heart health. some steps you can take to decrease your risk include:

    exercising regularly

    maintaining a healthy weight

    eating a balanced diet that’s low in sodium and high in fruits and vegetables

    avoiding smoking

    drinking only in moderation

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    a pet

    a pet is a cuddly little thing, 
    joy and laughter it will bring. 
    if your pet has way too much fur, 
    expect it to bark or maybe just purr.

    a pet could become a very close friend, 
    treat it nice, lots of love it shall send. 
    it has the potential to cheer you up, 
    right from the start, just like a pup.

    pets are wonderful, they're all unique, 
    they understand you, make sure you speak. 
    don't forget to love them dearly, 
    they'll love you back, lots and sincerely.

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    How the world was created (panayan)
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    Description of words. do not use numerical numbers
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