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Use each collective noun in two meaningful sentences ,one using the collective noun as a singular subject and the other ,using the collective noun as a plurak subject. observe subject verb agreement.

1. tower of giraffes
2. drove of rabbits
3. army of soldiers
4. crowd of people
5. troop of lions
6. clan of hyenas​


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    in the beginning of the story a beggar girl named fyokla, who is 6 years old comes running through a village. the village is preparing for an approaching storm. she addresses everyone as “uncle”. she is searching for some particular person. she finally finds terenty in the kitchen-garden. he is a “tall old man with a thin, pock-marked face, very long legs, and bare feet, dressed in a woman’s tattered jacket”. he does not look like a hero.

                    but fyokla is searching desperately for someone to help in freeing her brother danilka, whose hand is stuck in a tree. terenty does not give importance to the approaching storm and talking reassuringly in fatherly tones he goes to free fyokla’s brother.

                    the story tells us that terenty “answers all questions, and there is no secret in nature which baffles him. he knows everything”. the writer further adds that indeed “all the villagers, generally speaking, know as much as he does”. but the difference is that terenty is willing to share his knowledge and time with the two orphan children. the children love him for this reason.

                    the two children retire to a deserted barn after spending the day with terenty. and terenty goes to the tavern. chekhov further tells about terenty's sincerity and love for the two orphan children. terenty comes back later and puts bread under their heads making the sign of the cross while they are asleep.  in this way terenty is tries to make the lives of fyokla and danilka a little better than his own.

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    ethical issues in the communication process attempts to digest and synthesize the research, writing, and thinking on the subject without bogging down readers in many long footnotes. the references and suggested additional readings at the end of the book give readers an idea of this book's many sources, and provide ample avenues for further exploration. drawing from works in the humanities and social sciences, i have put the scholarly literature into nontechnical and familiar language. to avoid being time bound, i have used examples from contemporary life to illustrate discussion of other times, places, and people. i have tried to be as objective and fair as possible and encourage readers to think through the various issues for themselves. the book offers food for thought to help us conscientiously evaluate our everyday decisions in communicative transactions.


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    i have always considered myself as a millennial. honestly it never occurred to me that people would be offended to be called one. i never let silly stereotypes get me down… i also would never consider myself or my siblings who are mostly millenials themselves, as lazy or entitled self absorbed idiots… i thank my father for that.. he had the foresight to use a little known concept called parenting and discipline to make us into the upstanding citizens we should be. i guess that males me part of the 40%

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    wait one question is this even an assignment?

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Use each collective noun in two meaningful sentences ,one using the collective noun as a singular su...