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task 14: phrase to phra
hrase to phrase. encircle the phrases in each sentence and write
if it is a noun phrase or a verb phrase before the number.
1. rose could have worked on that project today.
2 i tried on a beautiful red dress during the drama rehearsal.
3. my teacher is a true hero.
4 david and rex have been chosen as finalists in the contest.
5. mary is not going to the prom.
6. she baked tasty cookies for fund raising.
7. anthony will be playing his guitar at the recital.
8. the parent answered the questions of all the kids.
9. the hardworking teacher received praises.
10. our principal would probably leave for manila on monday.​


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    1.) Have worked - Verb Phrase

    2.) A beautiful red dress - Noun Phrase

    3.) A true hero - Noun Phrase

    4.) Have been chosen - Verb Phrase

    5.) Is not going - Verb Phrase

    6.) Tasty chocolate cookies - Noun Phrase

    7.) Will be playing - Verb Phrase

    8.) The questions - Noun Phrase

    9.) The hardworking teacher - Noun Phrase

    10.) Would probably leave - Verb Phrase

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    Noun phrase


  • Réponse publiée par: camillebalajadia

    6 verb phrase

    7 noun phrase.

    8 noun phrase

    9 noun phrase

    10 verb phrase

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    1. NP

    2. NP

    3. PP

    4. VP

    5. VP

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    2.true hero

    3.writing a poem

    4.goes the principal office

    5.waited along the corridor

    6.he won

    7.but i forget the wallet

    8.the child

    9.washes her hand before she eat

    10.although i woke up late


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    its number 2

    Explanation: because alot of celeb have been helping frontliners and more people since this pandemic

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    1 Underline:She Triangle:baked

    2Underline:joshn and wheaton Triangle:Chosen

    3Underline:mary Triangle:dropping


    5Underline:teacher Triangle:recieve

    Hope it helps

    Number 4 dont have a verb phrase only noun

  • Réponse publiée par: mildredjingpacpavhvg

    Noun Phrase


    Because in this sentence, it shows that the teacher is being described..

    And also, the word "teacher" is a name of person.

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    correct me if i’m wrong nakalimutan ko na kasi
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S! task 14: phrase to phrahrase to phrase. encircle the phrases in each sentence and writeif it is...