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Whatisthedenouement ofthe story of makato aand the cowrie shells


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    Makato who was ones orphan, became a king of a prosperous kingdom, the city of Mon

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    3rd person point of view
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    Plot of the story Makato and the Cowrie Shell:


    Once upon a time there was a boy whose name was Makato. He was an orphan, for his father and mother had died when he was very young. He had no brothers, sisters,cousins, or friends to take care of him, so he had to make a living for himself. He did every kind of work—carrying heavy things, clearing away the forest, or feeding pigs. He never idled over his work, and although he was paid only a small wage, he was satisfied. He knew that if he did not work he would starve. Wherever he went his employers praised him for being sensible, hard-working, good-tempered, and cheerfu

    Rising Action

    He wanted to try his luck in far-off strange lands for he longed for exciting adventures. He left his village and set out into the wide world. He walked along cheerfully, enjoying new sights and talking to the people he met on the way. After a month’s journey, he reached a village on the frontier of the kingdom of Sukhothai


    As the king walked away, Makato saw a little cowrie shell lying on the ground. He ran to pick it up and held it out to the king, but the king said with a smile: “You may keep it.” He used the cowrie shell to buy lettuce seeds. He had done so well in growing the seed into very fine lettuces.  He presented his lettuce to the king and the king was impressed with his intelligence and industry. So much so that later on he gave Makato a job in the palace

    Falling Action

    As the years passed Makato grew tall and handsome. He mastered every grace and served the king well. He was so loyal that the king trusted him absolutely. He was promoted to higher and higher positions until he was given the title of Khun Wang, which meant that he was the most important person in the king’s court.


    Makato was happily married to a beautiful young daughter of the king. After that the king made him the ruler of Mon. So it was that Makato, who had once been a poor orphan, became the king of that prosperous kingdom.

    Plot of the Story

    A plot is the sequence of events in a story or play. The plot is a planned, logical series ofevents having a beginning, middle and end. The short story usually has one plot, and it could be read in one sitting.There are five essential parts of a plot. See below for the more information on each part.

    Parts of  a PlotExposition/IntroductionRising ActionClimaxFalling ActionDenoument

    Exposition/Introduction - In the introduction, the setting and the characters are revealed

    Rising Action - This is where the events in the story become complicated and the conflict in the story is revealed .This is where events between introduction and climax take place

    Climax - It is the turning point of the story and the highest point of interest. It is where the reader asks what will happen next. Will the conflict be resolved or not?

    Falling Action - The problems and complications begin to be resolved

    Denouement - This is the final outcome or untangling of events in the story.

    Short Story  

    A short story is fictional, or a story about imaginary events and people, written in prose. It has a setting, characters, plot, theme, and point of view. It covers only a limited length and can be read in one sitting. Short stories have a relatively broad range of lengths, between 1,000 and 7,500 words. It is limited in scope and has an introduction, body and conclusion. The story of the "Makato and the Cowrie Shell" is one example of a short story.


    Elements of a Short Story  

    A short story has the following key elements:  

    of View

    Plot - it is the sequence of events in a story.  

    Setting - it refers to the time and place in which the events of a story take place.

    Conflict - it is the opposition of forces which ties one incident to another and makes the plot move.

    Characters – it refers to the direct or indirect subjects around whom the story revolves.    

    Theme - it is the central idea or main message of the story    

    Point of View - it refers to the perspective from which the story is told A Story can be told from the perspective of a direct participant in the story (first-person point of view, characterized by the use of the pronoun l) or from the perspective of an observer (third person point of view).  

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    she is delighted by thr makato story


    she is delighted

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    Amazed because he impressed the king and eventhough he is an orphan, he became successful in life
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    An orphan, he is naturalist, adventurous,ambitious, grateful, hardworking and honest
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    Being humble and be yourself
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    For me, he became very hard working by the time he did every kind of work, and he was also satisfied with the salary he has. 
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    Learn to love or value small things, because being a hard working, diligent man you'll received a good reward.
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    Makato and the king are the characters of the story in makato and the cowrie shell
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