5examples of slogan about gift for a city​


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    Philippines,indonesia,Saudi Arabia,CALOOCAN,BAGIO

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    "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."

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    Be awesome and save nature


    saba makatulong po ako

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    Best Sewing Slogans

    Singer is sewing made easy.

    Stitch your stress away.

    Stitching up excellence.

    The joy of dressing.

    Touch dragonfly reach success.

    We are material girls!

    We can make it sew.

    We can sew that.

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    Changing The World of Sewing.

    Believe in Your Creativity.

    Behind Every Quilter is a Big Pile Of Fabric.

    Because You Love To Sew.

    Be Trendy For Every Mood.

    As Ye Sew, So Shall Ye Rip.

    Any Day Spent Sewing, is a Good Day.

    A Clean House is a Sign Of a Broken Sewing Machine.

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    Don’t be mean behind the screen.

    Think twice what you type

    Online harassment has an off-line impact

    Be nice on the Net


    sana po makatulong

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    Kayo po dapat gumawa non

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    Kapag lumilindol may nagdyadyabol

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    Man, the molecule of society, is the subject of social science." answer:•"Man, the molecule of society, is the subject of social science." ~ Henry Charles Carey•"Science is morally neutral, but social science shows us that some moral codes are better than others."

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    Other than its universal accessibility and manoeuvrability, MS Word also provides an array of other benefits including;

    Extreme Availability. ...

    Integrate with other MS Office programmes. ...

    Instant help with language. ...

    Easy reading and easy writing. ...

    Easy to collaborate


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