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Write 3 composition
20 sentences
title -1. my first impression to my new teacher in english
2. my message to my mom and dad​


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    -Beating the Ticking Clock -Some Don't Take the Same Route to School -Late for a Reason -Secrets Behind the Late Notice I made up those titles to provoke curiosity of the readers. Good dayヾ(^-^)ノ
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    A Pandemic Poem


    im just a beginner

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    1.  The Secret Garden

    2. Matilda

    3. Wonder

    4. Anne of Green Gables

    5. The Little Prince


    So I am not sure of what books you usually read, but here are some books accurate for your level (elementary). I hope it is accurate!

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    C my dude is the answer I can provide you

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    the famous filipino folk song "ang pipit" has a sad story. if we will try to interpet the lyrics literally, it talks about a bird who was hit by a stone. the poor creature was unable to fly because of the pain and the severity of the injury so it fell from the tree. but before it hit the ground, it expresses its worry that another bird will be sad by the former's demise and that the man was too cruel for taking an innocent living being's life.

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    Daedalus And Icarus, Orpheus , The Gorgons Head, Archine
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    Why are people bully everyone why did they bully them they had no reson to bully us all of us had a life too didnt they know did they know how much its hirt to us when they bully is thats all

    (parang mali mali ang aking speech if its ok for u)
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Write 3 composition -adverbs 20 sentences title -1. my first impression to my new teacher in english...