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Five example of script using different language register​


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    what is the conflict in the story of "the tale of ch'un-hyang"?

    the master compeled chun-hyang to fall asleep with him but she refused the invitation because she is married with someone. the master got angry so he decided to imprison her and punish her. when mongyong got back and  found out what happened to chunhyang and the misbehavior of the master. yi mong yong came in and made a satirical poem about the misbehavior of the master, but the master did not understand the poem. yi mong yong disclosed his real position and punished the master.  because people are close to each other, it's so easy to talk and talk about things not just about them but also about other people. and for this reason the stories spread more and more to more people. and it may not be true most of the time.

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    helen adams keller (june 27, 1880 – june 1, 1968) was an american author, political activist, and lecturer. she was the first deaf-blind person to earn a bachelor of arts degree.as a name that is known worldwide, helen keller is a symbol of courage and hope.

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    - didn't sleep


    5. the bed was very uncomfortable. i didn't sleep very well. (sleep)

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Five example of script using different language register​...