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Major force involved in the creation of high and low tide


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    once there was a beautiful princess named maring. her hobby was to hunt animals in mount malindig. his father, king alab, was against her hobby. one day, maring saw a deer and followed it. but the deer belongs to a princely bearing man, duque. duque introduced himself to maring and offered the deer to her. they both had a mutual feeling of liking each other at first sight. the two often meet in the forest without the king’s consent.  

    maring had a lot of admirers from different kingdoms. his father decided to choose the guy, her daughter should marry. so the first challenge for the admirers of maring was to win a ship race. there were three suitors who insisted to join the race. duque was just a poor guy and could not afford to have a ship.this made maring unhappy so she prayed to bathala. bathala heard her prayer so he send strong winds and heavy rains during the race. the three suitors failed and died on the race. when the sea calmed, the kingdom saw three islands where the three ships sunk. so they called them “the three kings” (now melchor, gaspar, baltasar). the kingdom was sad about what happened but maring was happy.

    the king was afraid to risk another life so she allowed maring to choose. maring confessed her to duque. her father accepted it and they got married. they were so inlove to each other. they died together. the people love the couple and they   call their place after the two, maring and duque, now marinduque.

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    The main idea of the book is surrounded by “believing”, and one of the issues discussed in the story is religion. three clerics from different kinds of religions, christianity, islam, and hinduism, argued with each other for which god they believed in exists. however, this problem not only appears in the book, but also occurs frequently in our lives. the protagonist, pi, possessed enthusiasm for every religion. he attempted to understand god through the lens of the three religions and preserve the advantages of each religion. however, the argument between them made him wonder why we have to get approach to knowing life by just “a” god. another important issue that is worthy of being discussed is how pi thinks about religion during his journey. in the beginning stormy night, pi was tossed on the boat by a crowd of sailors in solitude, though he implored them to rescue his families as well. therefore, hatred sprang deep in pi’s mind, and that is why when richard parker the tiger attempted to go on board, pi pushed it aside. after pi killed people, the tangle between pi and richard emphasizes the struggle of whether a religious person should suppress his rage or release his anger. the witness of the killing between the animals showed that pi should release his anger to protect himself from death; however, the pious aspect of him told him to let go the hatred of companions being killed. the existence of richard showed he survived not only because of god but also living in the danger with richard. if richard shouldn’t have existed, i think pi won’t have the ability to survive in such a boundless ocean. after being rescued eventually, pi had a new decipherment of belief and rediscovered the meaning of life as well, which is, the beauty and the cruelty coexist in reality life. the leaving of richard parker stands for the start of the new life. from beginning to end, belief is the best tool to make people get rid of the reality, but it is absolutely not the whole of the life.
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    grendel's mother (sometimes called his "dam") is not as huge or as powerful as the son, but she is motivated by revenge. her son has returned to their cave mortally wounded, one of his two arms (or claws) ripped from its shoulder socket and hanging, now, beneath the roof of hrothgar's mead-hall. instead of cowering in grief, the mother seeks revenge.

    although the danes have heard that the swamp may harbor two ogres, they seem to believe that the problem is solved when beowulf defeats grendel. on the night after that victory, the scyldings celebrate with a great deal of food and drink. many of the celebrants spend that night in heorot while beowulf sleeps elsewhere. the mother stalks up from her mere, retrieving her son's claw and murderously abducting one of the scyldings from the mead-hall.

    when beowulf comes after her, the mother has another advantage. she is in her home territory, which she has ruled for a hundred years. as the geat champion dives deep into the lake, the mother waits and attacks only when he nears the bottom. he is virtually helpless as she drags him to the dry, eerily lighted cave for the kill. once on dry land, however, beowulf is able to mount a counter-attack. although his sword, hrunting, loaned to him by unferth, fails to penetrate the mother's hide, beowulf discovers a giant magic sword in the cave and is able to kill the mother with it. the sword melts to its hilt after beowulf uses it to decapitate the corpse of grendel, which lies nearby. he returns to heorot with a greater trophy, the head of the ogre, as well as the hilt of the magic sword.

    some critics feel that grendel's mother receives inadequate consideration in the poem. her motive is as human as it is monstrous as she seeks revenge for her defeated son and reclaims his arm, which from her point of view must seem a barbaric trophy. she has lived in the mere for a hundred years and was never the problem that her son was. nevertheless, this is beowulf's poem; the mother is just another monster in a heroic epic. other writers will have to enhance her tale.

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Major force involved in the creation of high and low tide...