What is the profile of giovanni boccaccio?


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    11.  c. qualitative
    13.  a. motivate your reader to learn more about the subject
    15.  a. it is written in second hand person voice.
    16.  e. statement of the problem
    18.  d. researcher’s involvement
    19.  a. major problem
    20.  a. how did election start according to philippine history?
    21.  b. subject selection based on locality
    22.  c. study of a bounded entity
    23.  d. qualitative
    24.  d. falsification of documents
    25. d. critical readers become curious analysts.

    sorry hindi ko ala yung iba dyan eh
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    Louis armstrong
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    Q1 : b. fluency
    q2: a. conclusion
    q3: true
    q4: c. transitions
    q5: c. memorized speech
    q6: d. reading from manuscript
    q7: b. attention-getter
    q8: d. persuasive speech
    q9: e. enunciation
    q10: d. entertainment speech
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    it depends.


    it depends on the type of the research you'll be using. if its qualitative or quantitative.

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What is the profile of giovanni boccaccio?...