It's unbelivable it is rising or falling?


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    falling action


    falling action its begins events and complications start to fall into place.these are the events be-tween climax and denouement

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    grendel is originally found in the poem beowulf, which is contained in the nowell codex. grendel, being cursed as the descendant of the biblical cain, is "harrowed" by the sounds of singing that come every night from the mead-hall of heorot built by king hrothgar. he is unable to bear it anymore and attacks heorot.

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    Aprotagonist can be known as the good guy of the book/story. 
      superman is the protagonist in his movie when he saves gotham.
    (i'm not sure if i got the city right, but there's your sentence) 
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It's unbelivable it is rising or falling?...