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Argumentative essay regarding any issue in your school


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    Does Magic Really Exist? Essay

    Some people have a strong belief in magic and say that it is all around us. Others scoff at the idea of something being deemed magical and say that there is a rational explanation for anything and everything. Magic, and whether or not it does exists, is in the eye of the beholder. Every person is going to have a different view on magic, if asked, because it means something different to each being. Magic is something that cannot be described with one explanation; the word has too much meaning for a single definition to do it justice.

    Magic is a word with many definitions. According to Merriam-Webster, magic is “a power that allows people (such as witches and wizards) to do impossible things by saying special words or performing.

    Some cultures believe that the spell is the most important part of a ceremony or magical rite (“magic”, 2014). Materials used to perform magic are commonly referred to as “medicines” by most anthropologists. This lead to the popular use of the name “medicine men” in reference to magicians. Medicines used in spell-casting can be herbs, precious gems, animal remnants, or blessed objects. Some medicines are intended for the purpose of healing, others meant to cause harm. Additional materials may hold a symbolic relationship with the wanted outcome, such as divination and animal parts. Magicians that practise sorcery may use something that holds the essence of the targeted victim, such as hair or clothing, when performing rituals (“magic”, 2014). Magic is based on performance, thus the ritual and knowledge held by the magician, along with his or her ability, play a huge role in efficiency. Magicians presiding over magic rituals are much like priests supervising religious rites. Both roles require the one in charge to follow certain restrictions to differentiate the ceremony from ordinary, everyday ones and to give the rite sanctity (“magic”, 2014). Along with being described as a supernatural phenomenon, magic can also be characterised as tricks played on the mind and being more illusions than anything else. There are two different types of illusions used for entertainment magic; optical and visual. Optical illusions are physical effects.

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Argumentative essay regarding any issue in your school...