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What is the message of the poem death​,be not proud


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    Overall, John Donne's poem 'Death Be Not Proud' is a masterful argument against the power of Death. The theme, or the message, of the poem is that Death is not some all-powerful being that humans should fear. Instead, Death is actually a slave to the human race and has no power over our souls.


    "Death, be not proud" (Holy Sonnet X) is the tenth poem in a series of Holy Sonnets Donne wrote about faith and God. In the poem, the speaker employs the literary device of apostrophe to directly address the personified figure of Death, which the speaker proceeds to mock, declaring that Death cannot yet kill him.

  • Réponse publiée par: reyquicoy4321
    A nice message that death is not scary at all.  It is just a passage and once we re awaken it also dies.  Death does not just hold the power to say when for we as people can even order the death upon us like when we intentionally commit it ourselves.
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    The message of the poem is that people commit suicide, they do drugs, war and poison each other in order to kill. well, that's what I think about it...
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What is the message of the poem death​,be not proud...