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What do you mean by language as a representation of man's experience is highly individual, its meaning differs from person to person it grows and changes it is never static.


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    "Language is the blood which flows through the veins of every race"


    We all have our own languages, which we grew up with. Language is adapted through our own race by the means of our ancestors.

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    In philosophy, "innate language" may refer to: Being - as a system of sensual and holistic "language" within the mind. Innatism - the idea that the mind is born with knowledge (of being) and is not a "blank slate"

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    The passage "language is the source of misunderstanding" simply means confusion when two or more people are communicating in a different language. We can learn from the Bible about the story of the construction of the Tower of Babel. God made them speak different languages from one another so that they won't understand each other. The people stopped building the tower as a result and dispersed to the ends of the earth to find their territory. Having said that, language plays a vital role in our daily communications.

    Importance of Language

    Language is important in our daily lives. Listed below are some of the aspects of life that show the importance of language.

    1.Communication - through language we were able to communicate our thoughts and ideas.

    2.Knowledge - language and knowledge comes hand in hand. Knowledge of other languages becomes vital.

    3.Culture - foreign language gives you a chance to experience an entirely different culture. One culture is deeply integrated with its language.

    Ways of studying language

    Languages are extremely complicated structures that need time and deep understanding. Here are some ways of studying language:

    •Phonetics deal with the study of pronunciation follow by phonology that covers the study of speech sounds

    •Grammar can be defined as the underlying structure of a language that follows a set of rules.

    •Semantics is the study of meaning in natural and artificial languages.

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What do you mean by language as a representation of man's experience is highly individual, its meani...