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  • Ineed your what is1 introduction of antonio luna?...

Ineed your
what is
1 introduction of antonio luna?
* background?
2 plot summary
3 description of antonio luna?
4 analysis?
5 conclusion ?

tommorow na po


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    the best way to learn is reading the book about the person to understand. your teacher or professor probably gave you enough time for you to read about him or learn more about him and so my question to you is why haven't you researched it.

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    1,c 2,a 3,b 4,d 5,c 6,a 7,c 8,b 9,d

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    1. C

    2. D









    Sorry i don't know what's the answer in Numbers 3 and 7.

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    a. plot summary


    you can judge my answer cause I'm not urly sure of that..

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    Ano is an excellent tool that allows the world

    Of your health and


    To My parents and friends and family members who are in the same area as you are aware of this or not and but I I am have am very for warding forwarding this to you po will you please think of me as a small girl and I want to be a good friend to you po will you please think of at least one famous composer of the baroque

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    In a series of letters, Robert Walton, the captain of a ship bound for the North Pole, recounts to his sister back in England the progress of his dangerous mission. Successful early on, the mission is soon interrupted by seas full of impassable ice. Trapped, Walton encounters Victor Frankenstein, who has been traveling by dog-drawn sledge across the ice and is weakened by the cold. Walton takes him aboard ship, helps nurse him back to health, and hears the fantastic tale of the monster that Frankenstein created.

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    Title and author :

    *Federigo's falcon by giovanni boccaccio

    *Federigo an exceptionally rich falls in love with monna giovanna women of nobility and beauty


    *italy fourteenth-century federigo is a young noble who falls in love with a beautiful married woman monna giovanni

    *Federigo spent all his money trying to impress Monna Giovanna and ends up broke, moving away. Monna's husband dies, so she and her son, after mourning, coincidentially move to the same area as Federigo

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    italy 14th century, federigo is a young noble who falls inlove with a beautiful married woman monna giovanni,


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    Usaren u ta panunut yuu ahh saan nga


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Ineed your what is1 introduction of antonio luna? * background? *theme? 2 plot summary3 descriptio...