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What are the advantages and disadvantages of reading the manuscript speech, memorized speech, impromptu speech, and extemporaneous speech?


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    You are guidedYou have exact repetition of the written words


    Lacks audience connectionBoring presentation

    2. Memorized

    Advantages :

    Free to move around the stageExact repetition of words from memory

    Disadvantages :

    The speaker might end up speaking in a monotone pattern. If the speaker cannot control his/her stage fright, he/she might have difficulty remembering his/her speech

    3. impromptu


    Natural speakingMore focused and brief

    Disadvantages :

    Tendency to be disorganized Lacks connection with the audience Nerve-racking for beginners

    4. Extemporaneous

    Advantages :

    Helps you look confident Engages the audience


    May not have adequate time to plan, organize and rehearse

    It's from my book

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    Advantages of Delivering a Memorized Speech

    1.You do not need notes anymore.Since the speech is memorized,you do not have to worry about when to read and when to glance at your audience.

    2.You can plan gestures,facial expressions, and movement.When you know the speech by heart, it will be easier for you to work on nonverval communication.

    Disadvantages of the Memorized Speech

    1.You might forget what you are supposed to say.

    2.You might memorized the speech mechanically.

    3.You might focus on content.

    4.You might be to tied to remembering your script.



    •Helps you look confident

    •Engages the audience


    •May not have adequate time to plan,organize, and rehearse



    •Spontaneous or natural speaking

    •More focused and brief


    •Tendency to be discorganized

    •Lack connection with the audience

    •Nerve-racking for inexperienced speakers and biggeners



    •Exact repetition of the written words

    •Guided speech


    •Boring and uninteresting presentation

    •Lacks audience rapport or connection

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