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500 words essay, dicuss why your communicative strategies change as there are adjustment in every speech context ,speech style, speech act. discuss your language, duration of interaction, your relationship to the listeners, yoir roles and responsibility as a speaker, your message, and your delivery and how these differ in the two varying intances and context


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    Cant anwser too much reading

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    Because humans have a wide range of emotions that they can express, and therefore detect. This means that even a slight difference in the tone, body language, and context can be interpreted by the listener or viewer. We instinctively do these changes throughout our speech in order to adjust to the situation.

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    Because there are communicative strategies that are more suitable in every situation. You don't need to speak loudly if you have a small crowd. You need to speak clearly and loudly in a very big crowd.

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    But you only do that with your own opinion not others.

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    Speech reminds me of your characteristics. Like a broken piece of glass that describes/reflect what you are. Over the years your communication strategies mature as you learn more ideas from other people. When your maturity rate growth so fast it means you are learning some important lessons in how to level up your strategist and you are eager to persuade more people about what you are telling.

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    As we communicate to each other via verbal or non verbal there's always a change in our style or in other words the way we speak because these three branches of speech will depend always on the strategies we used.
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500 words essay, dicuss why your communicative strategies change as there are adjustment in every sp...