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What is the similarities of courtship now and before​


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    Courtship is one of the most exciting, romantic and special time for women. This is the time where couples get the chance to look for a potential partner. It is the time where a man has to work hard to get his girl fall for him and the time where the girl feels secure knowing that the guy went to great lengths to win her heart.

    In Philippine custom and tradition, courtship is more subdued, discrete and indirect compared to Western Cultures. This practice which dated back to the Spanish time strictly abides to conservative norms set by the society for pursuing a woman. Traditionally, a man cannot just approach a lady and ask for her name or address. If a man sees a woman she likes, he should seek the help of a mediator or “tulay” in Tagalog, to ask the permission of the girl’s father if he can visit her in their house. “Harana” or serenade, sending love letters and “paninilbihan” or servitude are just some of the traditions being practiced by traditional Filipinos.

    Today, although a lot of traditional courting practices are still being observed, there are modifications and “evolutions” that have been made that give the traditional Filipino courtship a modern version.

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    Ibelieve it is expository/informative speech
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    Ilan silang magkakapatid
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What is the similarities of courtship now and before​...