david mother was very answer


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    Spend time or spent out of work
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    Lord, i seek from you faith, that i may conquer death halpe, to preseve love, that i may love the lost and love you as you love me.. tanka poem fr jesus.
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    no not really because many people don't need it for the profession they want to go into but there are also peole who don't want to go to college wich is perfectly fine.

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    because it is part of our world and we wont know wants happening around the world. we can die if we dont know whats happening in our community like people kidnapping, car napping and others. like me im in journalism , its hard to do but it gives you the experience like you never had before in your life and you also get to compete in other schools and maybe you can also go national because of it. Thats why there is gonna have journalism in the future.

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