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    as for the story elements, the story was organized logically. the author did contrast the sacrifice of jose abad santos and using some figurative language on the   introduction of the story. in addition to that, every move of pepito and jose was described well.

    as for the body of the story, the story was not edited by the author, the things that happened every minute… every hour of his life. and again, some figurative languages was used. 

    as for the resolution, the ending is very tragic not just for his family but also for his country."they heard the muffled volley. then all was silence.”, the meaning of the last words of the story is the death and the execution of jose abad santos.

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    tourist motivations include escape, relaxation, strengthening family togetherness, wish and self-fulfilment, prestige, shopping, social interaction and sexual opportunity. in addition, tourists are also motivated to travel by other factors.


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    every story has a conflict to solve the plot is centered on this conflict and the ways on which the characters attemp to resolve the problem when the story action belongs most exviting,right before the resolution it os called the climax

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    kung maniniwala ka na totoo ito o hindi nasa iyo ang kasagutan...


    kung paniniwalaan mo maaaring ito ay totoo pro kung hindi hindi ka naniniwala pro pra sa akin totoo ito

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