What persong are u in your school


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    im a kind in our school i can give happy freindly

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    melon halves.

    they are sweet but can be made savory with a little salt.(and can i just say yum! ) they can be eaten in many ways with many different foods. they can be eaten with other fruits. you can eat a tart fruit with a sweeter fruit, to balance each other out. they can be made into something. for example watermelon, that can be made into watermelon salsa. the list can go on for miles. these are just a few. also don't know what kind of question this judging just confused.

    hope this helps. have a wonderful day.

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    what is the meaning of christmas

    every december 25 people especially christians celebrate, because it is said to be jesus christ's birthday.

    on christmas day people should be willing to forgive. at christmas the children are happy because they receive gifts and letters. the children also want to see santa claus.

    we filipinos also traditionally prepare food at christmas. some of the foods we prepare are lechon, queso de bola, ham, spaghetti etc.


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What persong are u in your school...