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Provide schemes on how the la niña and el niño would be solved


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    Starts with You!


    La Niña and El Niño are both global phenomenon, hence it cannot be solved by a one person nor can it be solved overnight.  But it can start with you.

    1.  Change your consumer habits.  - We as consumers just buy then throw the rest in the garbage. We should think, if I buy this or that, can I recycle the rest of it? or is it biodegrable? or will it end in the dump? was it made of environment friendly materials? or do i even need it?  can I buy it in larger quantities so their is less packaging waste?

    Example, the writing paper. Send email, use it instead of writing letters, as much as possible. Need notes? Use your phone for that. This way less trees need to be cut for paper.  The industry itself is doing its part by recycling paper 7 times over till the fibers are too short for paper then it becomes used for tissue rolls. Do you know magazines use a combination of old paper pulp and new paper pulp to conserve resources?

    Another glass bottles.  Buy products in glass bottles ratther than plastic ones. Glass bottles can be washed and reused again.

    2. Conserve resources - Water and electricity, we take these resources for granted cause we get it so easily. So we brush our teeth while the tap is running or keep the tv running while we sleep. With these habits, goverment will soon have to ration drinking water, and electricity demand will continue to increase forcing the goverment to outsource it from private companies. All these will increase prices, not just your water ann electric bills but every product dependending on this. Everything will be expensive.

    Eat what you need not what you want.  Demand for food products increases every year, resulting in more forests covers converted to farming lands. Reducing forest covers reduce nature's ability to absob carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Hence a warmer earth.

    3. Spread the word. - We live in a global network. All it takes is one person to share.

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    c.land contribution shemes

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Provide schemes on how the la niña and el niño would be solved...