What name is perfect for a girl dog? ​


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    It depends on what it looks like, breed, or color... But I prefer Molly

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    taking care of your chest. as simple as thatp

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    Boys should think more about there actions because if they do something wrong they can't undo it

    the boys in our class never really care about there actions, and they would usually get in trouble for messing with the door, or just being noisy in general

    of course it's not just about school stuff that they should be careful of, they should also make careful decisions of there personal life aswell

    for example the guy in my class has a crush on one of my friends and everyone knows (even the teachers), and usually when people tease them about sitting in next to each other or just be partner of something

    he really gets mad and would probably hit someone in the face, not caring if my friend sees it

    (this is my speech hope it's long enough)
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What name is perfect for a girl dog? ​...