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As a 21th century educator what preparations are making to battle the changes in education? (10 answers) thanks


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    Presence of endocrine disrupting compounds in bottled water samples was observed in 78% of all samples,60 in 60% of all samples,61, 62 and in 10% of all samples. The source of leached compounds may be an incomplete process of polymerization, or degradation of the packaging material as a result of storage.
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    CIEN is a project launched by UNEP in 2000. The project helped to establish national and regional networks,and provided training and equipment, which aims to: eliminate barriers to information exchange; Facilitate access to technical information on chemicals on the internet; create synergies between national information of chemical management;. strengthen national capacity for the environmentally sound management of chemicals and participation in international activities and agreement.

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    Non-Com POPs Project

    This Philippine Project aims to use non-combustion technology to destroy significant obsolete PCBs wastes and help remove barriers to  the further adoption and effective implementation of the selected technology and meet the Stockholm Convention requirements is part of a Global Programme.The immediate project objective is to deploy a commercially available, proven non- combustion technology to address 1,500 tonnes of PCBs-containing equipment and wastes. The currently known PCB inventories reported in the NIP of the Stockholm Convention dated January 2006 include 6,879 tonnes of PCB containing equipment and wastes comprising about 2,400 tonnes of PCBs oil.

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    Capacity Development Project on Water Quality Management

    Project Purpose:

    Capabilities of EMB Central and Regional Offices to implement priority actions mandated under the CWA IRR are strengthened.

    Overall goal:

    Under initiatives of the WQMA Governing Board, industries, commercial entities, LGUs, and other public organizations take necessary actions for achieving the water quality goal established in the WQMA Action Plans.
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As a 21th century educator what preparations are making to battle the changes in education? (10 ans...